The Power of Tibetan Art, and the Individual Voice

In my journey to add to the women of Dharamsala’s nunneries voices to the world, I have encountered so many beautiful and empowering acts of art and communication around the globe, for the sake of Tibet.

Check out this Oregonian man’s shop wall – a 10’x100′ mural of Chinese brutality against Tibetans and Tawianese.  Chinese officials have been pressuring him to take it down – and the Mayor, in support of freedom of speech, basically told them to stuff it.


And the very inspiring ways that social media bring more outreach and empowerment to the world – “Facebook Stories: Lhakar: Taking a Moment to be Tibetan.”  Reading this story had me feeling warm and good about grassroots movements and individual choices that bring us all closer to our goals.  And it also led me to this extraordinary space for exiled Tibetans: the Lhakar Diaries, where Tibetans around the globe share stories.

This book looks extraordinary as well: Sky Train: Women on the Edge of History.  I happened upon it because the audio book is voiced by my own friend Donna Postel!  It’s a great example of the kind of project that Restored Voice is – a personal, creative project that combines the writer/editor’s journey with the voices of forgotten, oppressed women.

The voices of these women – and of the international Tibetan people in Lhakar Diaries – give us a narrative with more color and depth.  We see Tibetans not as a group of nameless faces that need our help, but as individual people as well.  Multi-dimensional characters in the narratives of their own stories, in their own words.  I firmly believe that our understanding of an issue can only be rounded out with the homegrown stock of unhindered, individual voices.

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  1. oliviaengel

    Here is a follow-up article with more detail about Chao Tsung-song’s mural in Corvallis, OR:


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