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Sneak Peak at Tibetan Nuns’ Stories

New, beautiful photos on TNP’s site! (photo property of Tibetan Nuns Project)

The Tibetan Nuns Project, the organization with which I used to volunteer and which inspired this project, has recently updated their website.  It looks wonderful – so much more sleek, beautiful, and personal.

Also, there is a page featuring some of the stories I read when I conducted my research in Seattle!  These are the very bios I encountered in 2010 that spurred my idea for RVP.  Take a moment to look through them – these are the women who will be featured in Restored Voice (except that their narratives will be much longer, and their photography will be present as well).

You will see immediately why I find these women so inspiring:

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One Week In – Over 1/4 Funded!

The response to this project has been even more enthusiastic that I imagined.  From only 20 backers, I am already more than a quarter closer to Restored Voice Project’s goal.  Backers from both the Eastern and Western hemispheres have pledged.  I am humbled by this generosity as well as excited by how tangible RVP is beginning to feel.  I am more confident than ever that the goal will be reached.  What I hope is that you, my community, will continue to spread the word about this project – I think we can reach beyond the minimum goal!

I’ve also done an edit of the video – quickened it up, cleaned it up, and added some Himalayan-inspired music.  Take another peek, if you haven’t seen it already!  As a writer, I must say that it’s definitely worth it to compose second drafts.  And I’m sure all of my past teachers would agree.

And for that video, here I must thank Alex Nezam and Billy Engel (my videographer who put so many hours of work into this, and my creative sound engineer with much expertise, respectively).  This video looks much neater and more creative than it would have if I’d been left to deliver my message via -smart-phone-recording.

Keep passing the message along – this project is really taking off!




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Official Launch: Campaign Begins!

Folks and friends,

After a careful review process, the Restored Voice Project is now live on the wonderful!  Here is the link to the project’s page:

Please take a look and pass around this project to the people in your own community who you feel would be excited to support an empowering book of refugee women’s stories.  As I say on my Kickstarter page:

I have friends in the arts and education worlds on several continents, from L.A. to Montpellier to Bombay. All of them have expressed excitement about Restored Voice. I think this is a book that people really want to read, and those who have connections have been eager to offer them to me.

There are millions of people out there who want women’s stories to be told.  There are millions of people out there who want Tibetan stories to be told.  Refugee stories, empowerment stories, spiritual stories, political stories – these nuns’ lives span the passions of so many different people.

Already I have seen such a huge surge of excitement, encouragement, and offers of help and support from so many people.  The warmth and generosity of the human spirit, in response to a project like this, is limitless.  I’ve already seen it.  All RVP needs now is enough people to hear about it!


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