Funded! We did it!

Friends!  Our goal has been reached!

Just a moment ago, the final $10.00 of Restored Voice Project’s goal of $5,500 was pledged.  This means that, in five minutes, when I walk down my rainy South St. Louis streets to FedEx and send along my visa application, the large fee that I’m fronting will soon be a part of the project’s budget.  Then in five weeks, when I’m flying to India, I’ll have the funds I need for those planes, trains, and rikshas.  And in five months, when I’m returning from India with the women’s photography and narratives in hand, I’ll have supplied the perfect camera, recording device, and translator for the job. (And for those of you who are picturing me shivering all alone in the mountains, rest assured that I’ll be able to afford a good yak’s wool blanket! No living in a Dharamsalan cardboard box this winter)

I can’t thank all of you enough – for supporting the project, for spreading the word, and for investing in this creative, empowering, educational project.  Once it’s in our hands, it will be different than any other book we’ve read – not only because it’s a one-of-a-kind project, but also because we chose to make it a reality.

I am humbled, amazed, and thrilled.  Ready, Set, Launch!Image

photo property of Tibetan Nuns Project

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One response to “Funded! We did it!

  1. Robbie Engel

    Yes! Thanks to all who made out happen. Dad and I are so proud of you, Liv. Go write that book…inspire, enlighten, and entertain us with the fascinating stories of these courageous women!


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