Arrival in India

RVP has crossed into the Eastern hemisphere!

Having walked all over London during a very long layover (but it was worth it, since I spent the day with the director of Fresh Memories, whose photography of Tibetans is as beautiful as it is inspiring to a green-horn photographer like myself), now I’ve arrived in India.  My first stop is a personal one – a long-overdue visit with my Indian family the Guptes, who sheltered me and treated me as their own flesh and blood when I studied abroad in 2008.

As I was planning my departure for Dharamsala back in October, I received an excited email from Kalpana, my Indian mom.  Her daughter was getting married, and only two weeks before I planned to arrive in India!  So I planned in a detour before heading up north.  I am enjoying the warm sun, the bursting, sumptuous flowers, and the fresh tropical fruit around Pune as long as I can.

Once the wedding is over, I’ll travel north to Himachal by train and taxi.  Then I will make Dharamsala my home, and find another, yet unknown family.    The future is bright.

2012-12-10 06.05.40

View from my window in Pune – photo property of Olivia Engel


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2 responses to “Arrival in India

  1. Robbie

    Your dad and I are so happy that the first leg of your journey is complete and that you are safe with your Indian family. Relax and enjoy the sights, smells, and sensations of Pune, of your family, and of Tanaya’s upcoming wedding. We are so very proud of you.

  2. Glad you had a good trip and got to site see a little. Enjoy the wedding :-)


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