A Thriving Community

Each day I am more impressed and motivated by the thriving community of Tibetan artists, careers centers, NGO’s, and resources and assistance available around this beautiful, hilly town.

Today I met with the Tibetan Women’s Association, which empowers Tibetan women living in communities not only in Dharamsala, but all across India and abroad.  Seeing women working for women and ready to have frank and decisive discussion about the progression of their community always invigorates me, as well as further solidifies my belief in the power of women.  No matter where you go in the world, small groups of strong, dedicated women working together create progressive environments that nurture and challenge.  I am excited to learn more from TWA in the future.

Afterward, as per TWA’s suggestion, I crossed town to meet Dolker, a woman working at the Tibetan Career Center.  With her firm gaze and unabashed discussion of women’s issues, violence against women, and the need for sex education, I stumbled upon another wonderful resource in the world of Tibetan women.  She immediately had a handful of suggestions for me, from groups to check out to events for attending.

And after this, separate from Restored Voice Project, I received a request from the editor of Contact magazine to write a small piece on Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy’s 2012 report.  I’m highly excited for the chance to report on human rights issues and to get involved with Contact.

This little city, though small, is bursting at the seams with activity.  Every day I discover.  And every day, more and more resources and inspirations offer themselves freely to further enrich the context of this book.  Tomorrow, I meet with Sonam*, an ani-la who stays with Gu-Su-Chum.   Another amazing story awaits.

* Reminder that these women are given the option of protecting their identity, in case their families back in Tibet could be at risk after the publication of Restored Voice.  Aliases are optional, I am not giving full names publicly on this site, and photographs are thoroughly discussed and by no means obligatory.


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3 responses to “A Thriving Community

  1. Robbie Engel

    I am so inspired by the power of community and support you describe among these women. Human rights for everyone, regardless of gender, religion, race, or social stature is the cornerstone of a peaceful and just world. And how exciting to be asked to write for Contact! I anxiously await your article and future postings.

  2. Kathy Trillin

    Olivia, I am so so proud of you, the research you are doing, your fabulous pictures, the amazing experiences you are sharing with us and with the world. What remarkable women you are meeting….touching one another’s lives in ways that you will carry with you forever! And how exciting to be asked to do an article for Contact. Be safe, my dear, and I anxiously await your future posts! “aunty” kt

  3. William and Joy Engel

    Hi Olivia : What a marvelous experience you are having and what a wonderful opportunity to expand your vision and understanding of India and its people. You must be excited to be working with persons whose concerns, like your own, are about the way Tibetan women are treated and their need for their empowerment and justice. The ability to meet face-to-face with the women whose stories you will be telling will surely engage your creative writing skills, and add to the authenticity and enrichment of your book. We are looking forward to hearing more of your activities, and seeing some more great pics.


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