Here is a compilation of helpful resources, all relating to women’s empowerment and Tibet.  They have been extremely helpful to me and I highly recommend looking into the exciting growth of the women’s empowerment movement, as well as the ongoing and ever-escalating Tibetan issue.

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Women’s Empowerment: 

  • Tibetan Women’s Association (advocacy, education, and action for Tibetan women in Tibet and in exile)
  • Half the Sky Movement (mobilizing the globe to promote empowerment, education, and equality for women)
  • Tibetan Nuns Project (supporting the education, health care, and cultural heritage of refugee Tibetan nuns)
  • New Light (promoting equality, education, and life-skills in India; empowering and supporting abuse survivors)

Tibet (projects and organizations):

If you are in Dharamsala or are conducting research, see Contact Magazine’s thorough list for reference

  • Students for a Free Tibet (world-wide activists and organizers non-violently advocating a free Tibet)
  • Fresh Memories (photos and stories from recently escaped Tibetan refugees)
  • The Gere Foundation (aims to alleviate Tibetan suffering and help to restore autonomy to the people of Tibet)
  • Lhakar (the Tibetan people’s grassroots revolution)

Tibet (news and further reading):

Suggested Reading:


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