*Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign Complete!*

106% Funded!

Our Kickstarter campaign was a success.  The goal was surpassed, with $5,845 pledged to Restored Voice Project by almost 80 backers! That extra six percent is not only a nice morale boost, but it also will help cover the transactions fees of all of these credit cards. Plus Kickstarter will take a well-deserved lil’ slice for offering such a wonderful, slick, modern platform for crowd-sourced projects to come to light.

Now that we’ve finished this particular campaign, that doesn’t mean that you’ve missed your chance to become a part of RVP.  There is a journey ahead of us, and the help of friends will always be appreciated.

Help bring these women’s voices to light! If you are interested in supporting Restored Voice Project or would like more information, please contact RVP via Sharing money, skills, information, and advice is welcome.  It takes a village!


To those who have already supported RVP:  I love you!

This project is intentionally funded by the public, and I believe that spirit will see us through to its completion, when it’s crisp and colorful on our bookshelves.

To those who have supported the project’s development in priceless ways:

Kalpana Gupte, majhi Bharati Aai, I could not have done this without you.  You are one of the busiest people I know, and yet you still set time aside to connect me to the Indian, Tibetan, and Dharamsalan community.  Ever savvy, ever brilliant, thank-you so much (and I can’t wait to see you again!).  Vedi mulgi aai vedi ahe.  Ani vedi aai.

Ani Delek Yangdon, who runs the Media Center at Dolma Ling – not only are you a constant inspiration, ani-la, but Choekyi and I could not have done our work at the gompa without you. And I miss seeing you!

Wonderlane, if it seems I can’t thank you enough, it’s because I can’t.  Although you could have easily put a price on my use of your photography, you gave it to me freely, without a blink.   Your generosity, openness, and compassion are priceless.

Nancy Eberhardt, tirelessly answering my late-night emails asking for advice as I groped uncertainly through unfamiliar territory, you have the true educator’s spirit.  I admire you deeply and have had your advice – as well as your own approach to cultural anthropology – in mind through every step of this journey (hey, RVP community – here’s a taste of that inspiration: Author – Nancy Eberhardt).

Alex Nezam, for putting together a killer stop-motion video for the project all for free, regardless of the hours you put into it (hours I should have foreseen, of course).  I believe that when you’re directing award-winning indie films in the near future, this lil vid will go viral big time.

Billy Engel, for being a free sound engineer, playing a mean tambourine, and of course being a great dad.

Tibetan Nuns Project, for being a friend to me, for lending feedback, and for introducing me to these amazing women in the first place.  Thank-you so much for getting me in contact with the nuns and providing me with source material from their bios.  I can’t wait to meet the TNP India team upon my arrival!


And now, the Kickstarter pledges!  My gratitude is flowing like the great Drichu River for all of you.

Thank-you to (and counting!)…

Volunteer Palden celebrating our first day at Dolma Ling Nunnery in Dharamsala

Volunteer Palden celebrating our first day at Dolma Ling Nunnery in Dharamsala

[* denotes a really big thank-you]

Gabrielle Fox

– Jessica Hentoff

– *Billy Engel*

– Topher 

Mary Jo Tillman

– Rachel

Sheri Elliot

– Angie Moehlmann

– *KenDing*

Matt Lathrom

– *Robbie Engel*

– *Kalpana Gupte*

– *Karthik Balaji*

Tina Lee

– *William Engel*

Hannah Malik

Laura Weiss

Tara Sparks

Marietta Schwalbe

Daniel Waxler

– *Namyisun*

– Tenzin Tsetan Chokyal

Mary Lou Anderson

*Deborah Miller*

A&B Bogosian

– Lynn


– Jonah Libster

Doloris Finell

Leanne Shotton

Géntleman Josh

– *Emanuel Taranu*

– *Madhura Chacko*

Anne Tierney

– *Cara Hiripitiyage*

Aru Tamhsne

*Santosh Gupte*

*Jill Tulchinsky*

Debbie Otten

*Kathy Trillan*

Paula Rodriguez

Michelle Keiser

– Nancy Kerne

– Veena Dhume

– *Sanjay Thakur*

– Sharon and Joe Rodriquez

*Cassidy Bires*

Gautam Tamhane

– *Vaijyanti Gupte*

– Michelle Keiser

– Vandanta Phadnis

– Nancy Kerne

Hannah Kerne

– Susan Marting

– Judy Meiksin

– Raul Taranu

– Suram Raja Rao

Alex Nezam

– Gina Enfranca

– Colin Davitt

– Gregory Schimizzi

– Belinda Pendleton

– Vijay Phadnis

*Emilian and Clara Taranu*

– Karen Beckman

– Zoe Perkins

– Jane Hake

– Claire Engel

– Valorie

– *Molly McLathrom*

– Matthew J. Cooper

Phil Kirk (Check out Phil’s like-minded project, Fresh Memories!)

Cheryl Hoffmeyer

– Kentucky Knife Fight



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